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第一部分 客观题文章源自略懂百科-

I.Phonetics, Vocabulary and Structure (Questions 1 to 20) Directions:文章源自略懂百科-

In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose theONEanswer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter onthe Answer Sheet.文章源自略懂百科-

1.The sounds / ʃeip/ should match the word______.文章源自略懂百科-

A.ship B. sheep C. shape D. shop文章源自略懂百科-

2.It was a real race________time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it.文章源自略懂百科-

A.over C.for D.against文章源自略懂百科-

3.When we saw the road ____________ with snow, we decided to spend the holiday at home.文章源自略懂百科-

A. block文章源自略懂百科-

B. to block文章源自略懂百科-

C. blocking文章源自略懂百科-

D. blocked文章源自略懂百科-

4.—Why does the lake smell terrible? —Because large quantities of water________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. have polluted文章源自略懂百科-

B. is being polluted文章源自略懂百科-

C. has been polluted文章源自略懂百科-

D. have been polluted文章源自略懂百科-

5. If the whole operation________beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost.文章源自略懂百科-

A. was not planned文章源自略懂百科-

B. had not been planned文章源自略懂百科-

C. has not been planned文章源自略懂百科-

D. were not planned文章源自略懂百科-

6. The girl dislikes playing the piano, ________?文章源自略懂百科-

A. doesn’t she文章源自略懂百科-

B. does she文章源自略懂百科-

C. is she文章源自略懂百科-

D. isn’t she文章源自略懂百科-

7.—Why did you go to work by bus last week? —My car broke down and ___________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. repaired文章源自略懂百科-

B. was repaired文章源自略懂百科-

C. was repairing文章源自略懂百科-

D. was being repaired文章源自略懂百科-

8.More than one high official______ by the police since the mayor war shot dead.文章源自略懂百科-

A.has been questioned文章源自略懂百科-

B. have been questioned文章源自略懂百科-

C. was questioned文章源自略懂百科-

D.were questioned文章源自略懂百科-

9.She was so absorbed in the book that she had read it for three hours ________ she realized it.文章源自略懂百科- B.until C.after D.before文章源自略懂百科-

10.The buses,________were already full, were surrounded by an angry crowd.文章源自略懂百科-

A. most of them B. most of that文章源自略懂百科-

C. most of which D. that文章源自略懂百科-

11.We can hardly believe such a young boy________travel around the world all by himself.文章源自略懂百科-

A. may B. need C. should D. must文章源自略懂百科-

12.We were just ________ calling you up ________ you came in.文章源自略懂百科-

A.about; when文章源自略懂百科-

B.on the point of; while文章源自略懂百科-

C.on the point of; when文章源自略懂百科-

D.on the point of; as文章源自略懂百科-

13. — I can’t unlock the door. — ______ turning the key the other way.文章源自略懂百科-

A. Trying B. To try C. Try D. Tried文章源自略懂百科-

14.Neither my father ________ going to see the patient.文章源自略懂百科-

A. nor I am文章源自略懂百科-

B. nor I are文章源自略懂百科-

C. or me are文章源自略懂百科-

D. or me is文章源自略懂百科-

15.Tony can hardly boil an egg, still________cook dinner.文章源自略懂百科-

A.less B.little C.much D.more文章源自略懂百科-

16.Whenever you are together, you________! Why not give in to each other?文章源自略懂百科-

A. have already quarreled文章源自略懂百科-

B. are always quarreling文章源自略懂百科-

C. had still quarreled文章源自略懂百科-

D. have been quarreling文章源自略懂百科-

17.______ basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies.文章源自略懂百科-

A. Known B. Having known文章源自略懂百科-

C. Knowing D. Being known文章源自略懂百科-

18.Wilma became the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals in track, ________made her mother very proud.文章源自略懂百科-

A. it B. that C. which D. this文章源自略懂百科-

19.—Kathy and her sister are so alike. —I can’t tell one from________.文章源自略懂百科-

A.another B.other文章源自略懂百科-

C.the other D.others文章源自略懂百科-

20._______ is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy.文章源自略懂百科-

A. As B. That C. This D. It文章源自略懂百科-

II.Cloze (Question 21 to 30) Directions:文章源自略懂百科-

There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose theONEanswer that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter onthe Answer Sheet.文章源自略懂百科-

Adults are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practiced in the meantime. A man who has not had an opportunity to go swimming for years can __21__ swim as well as ever when he gets back in the water. He can get on a bicycle after several decades and still__22__away. A mother who has not __23__ the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins Twinkle, twinkle, little star or recite the story of Cinderella or Snow White.文章源自略懂百科-

One explanation is the law of over learning, which can be started as following:__24__we have learned something, additional learning increases the__25__of time we will remember it.文章源自略懂百科-

In childhood, we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming, bicycle riding long after we have learned them. We continue to listen to and__26__ourselves of poems such as Twinkle, twinkle, little star and childhood tales such as Cinderella or Snow White. We not only learn but__27__.文章源自略懂百科-

The law of over learning explains why cramming(突击学习) for an examination,__28__it may result in a passing grade, is not a__29__way to learn a school course. By cramming, a student may learn the subject well enough to get by on the examination, but he is likely soon to forget almost everything he learned. A little over learning,__30__, is usually a good investment toward the future.文章源自略懂百科-

21. A. only B. hardly C. still D. even文章源自略懂百科-

22. A. more B. drive C. travel D. ride文章源自略懂百科-

23. A. though about B. cared for C. showed up D. brought up文章源自略懂百科-

24. A. Before B. Once C. Until D. Unless文章源自略懂百科-

25. A. accuracy B. unit C. limit D. length文章源自略懂百科-

26. A. remind B. inform C. warm D. recall文章源自略懂百科-

27. A. recite B. overlearn C. research D. improve文章源自略懂百科-

28. A. though B. so C. if D. after文章源自略懂百科-

29. A. convenient B. demanding C. satisfactory D. swift文章源自略懂百科-

30. A. at most B. by the way C. on the other hand D. in the end文章源自略懂百科-

III.Reading Comprehension(Questions 31 to 45) Direction:文章源自略懂百科-

There are3passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose thebestanswer. Then mark the corresponding letteron the Answer Sheet.文章源自略懂百科-


I’ve loved my mother’s desk since I was just tall enough to see above the top of it as mother sat doing letters. Standing by her chair, looking at the ink bottle, pens and white paper, I decided that the act of writing must be the most wonderful thing in the world.文章源自略懂百科-

Years later, during her final illness, mother kept different things for my sister and brother. But the desk, she said again, is for Elizabeth.文章源自略懂百科-

I never saw her angry, never saw her cry. I knew she loved me; she showed it in action. But as a young girl, I wanted heart-to-heart talks between mother and daughter.文章源自略懂百科-

They never happened. And a gulf opened between us. I was too emotional. But she lived on the surface.文章源自略懂百科-

As years passed and I had my own family. I loved my mother and thanked her for our happy family. I wrote to her in careful words and asked her to let me know in any way she chose that she did forgive me.文章源自略懂百科-

I posted the letter and waited for her answer, none came.文章源自略懂百科-

My hope turned to disappointment, then little interest and, finally, peace it seemed that nothing happened. I couldn’t be sure that the letter had even got to mother. I only knew that I had written it, and I could stop trying to make her into someone she was not.文章源自略懂百科-

Now the present of her desk told me, as she’d never been able to, that she was pleased that writing was my chosen work. I cleaned the desk carefully and found some papers inside — a photo of my father and a one-page letter, folded and refolded many times.文章源自略懂百科-

Give me an answer, my letter asks, in any way you choose, mother, you always chose the act that speaks louder than words.文章源自略懂百科-

31.The writer began to love her mother’s desk__________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. after mother died文章源自略懂百科-

B. before she became a writer文章源自略懂百科-

C. when she was a child文章源自略懂百科-

D. when mother gave it to her文章源自略懂百科-

32.The passage shows that __________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. mother was cold on the surface but kind in her heart to her daughter文章源自略懂百科-

B. mother was too serious about everything her daughter had done文章源自略懂百科-

C. mother cared much about her daughter in words文章源自略懂百科-

D. mother wrote to her daughter in careful words文章源自略懂百科-

33.The word gulf in the passage means__________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. deep understanding between the old and the young文章源自略懂百科-

B. different ideas between the mother and the daughter文章源自略懂百科-

C. free talks between mother and daughter文章源自略懂百科-

D. part of the sea going far in land文章源自略懂百科-

34.What did mother do with her daughter’s letter asking for forgiveness?文章源自略懂百科-

A. She had never received the letter.文章源自略懂百科-

B. For years, she often talked about the letter.文章源自略懂百科-

C. She didn’t forgive her daughter at all in all her life.文章源自略懂百科-

D. She read the letter again and again till she died.文章源自略懂百科-

35.What’s the best title of the passage?文章源自略懂百科-

A. My letter to Mother文章源自略懂百科-

B. Mother and Children文章源自略懂百科-

C. My Mother’s Desk文章源自略懂百科-

D. Talks between Mother and me文章源自略懂百科-


Living and dealing with kids can be a tough job these days, but living and dealing with parents can be even tougher. If I have learned anything in my 16 years, it is that communication is very important, both when you disagree and when you get along. With any relationship, you need to let other person know how you are feeling. If you are not able to communicate, you drift apart. When you are mad at your parents, or anyone else, not talking to them doesn’t solve anything.文章源自略懂百科-

Communication begins with the concerns of another. It means that you can’t just come home from school, go up to your room and ignore everyone. Even if you just say Hi, and see how their day was for five minutes, it is better than nothing.文章源自略懂百科-

If you looked up the word communication in a dictionary, it would say the exchange of ideas, the conveyance of information, correspondence, means of communication: a letter or a message. To maintain a good relationship, you must keep communication strong. Let people know how you feel. Even if it’s just by writing a note.文章源自略懂百科-

When dealing with parents, you always have to make them feel good about how they are doing as a parent. If you are trying to make them see something as you see it, tell them that you’ ll listen to what they have to say, but ask them politely to listen to you. Yelling or walking away only makes the situation worse.文章源自略懂百科-

This is an example: one night, Sophie went to a street party with her friends. She knew she had to be home by midnight after the fireworks, but she didn’t feel she could just ask to go home. That would be rude. After all, they had been nice enough to take her along with them. Needless to say, she was late getting home. Her parents were mad at first, not when Sophie explained why she was late, they weren’t as mad and let the incident go. Communication is the key factor here. If Sophie’s parents had not been willing to listen, Sophie would have been in a lot of trouble.文章源自略懂百科-

Communication isn’t a one-way deal: it goes both ways. Just remember: if you get into a situation like Sophie’ s, telling the other person how you feel-listening is the key factor to communication.文章源自略懂百科-

36.In the writer’s view, dealing with parents is __________ than with children.文章源自略懂百科-

A. more difficult文章源自略懂百科-

B. easier文章源自略懂百科-

C. more uninteresting文章源自略懂百科-

D. more interesting文章源自略懂百科-

37.The main idea of the second paragraph is __________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. the importance of friendship文章源自略懂百科-

B. to make your feeling known to others文章源自略懂百科-

C. the importance of communication文章源自略懂百科-

D. the disagreement between generations文章源自略懂百科-

38.When parents and children are in communication, the key to a happy relationship is that__________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. children should always obey their parents文章源自略懂百科-

B. they should be equal文章源自略懂百科-

C. parents play the leading part文章源自略懂百科-

D. both make the opposite know their feelings文章源自略懂百科-

39.The example in this passage proves that __________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. Sophie’s parents are willing to listen to her文章源自略懂百科-

B. Sophie is very polite to her parents文章源自略懂百科-

C. Sophie did well in explaining her being late文章源自略懂百科-

D. communication is the solution to misunderstanding文章源自略懂百科-

40.All the following statements are correct except __________.文章源自略懂百科-

A. If you don’t agree with others, you’ d better let them know文章源自略懂百科-

B. It is better to say Hi to others than say nothing文章源自略懂百科-

C. If you are not able to communicate, walk away文章源自略懂百科-

D. Communication is a two-way deal文章源自略懂百科-


Before roads needed traffic lights, railways had used signals to control train traffic. In early days, these signals included a ball and something that looked like a kite. When the kite was on top, it meant danger; when the ball was raised, it was safe.文章源自略懂百科-

In 1841, a developed railway signal was used at the London station. It included a signal arm in the horizontal position which meant stop. The signal was painted red so that it was easy to see and could attract the drivers’ attention.文章源自略懂百科-

At night, oil lights were added on the top. A red light meant stop and a white light meant the drivers could go on.文章源自略懂百科-

In January 1876, a train knocked on another train running ahead on the same roads, because the signals were not clear enough. 13 people were killed in the accident and the others were badly hurt.文章源自略懂百科-

Then people changed the signal. The signal for stop became a red light and a yellow light was added to tell the drivers to drive carefully. In 1893, a green light took the place of the white light, because the white light was often mistaken for a street or house light.文章源自略懂百科-

Since railway signals were introduced, city officials decided to try them out on the roads of London.文章源自略懂百科-

41.In early days, what did people use to control train traffic?文章源自略懂百科-

A. A ball.文章源自略懂百科-

B. Something that looked like a kite.文章源自略懂百科-

C. Lights.文章源自略懂百科-

D. A and B.文章源自略懂百科-

42.What did a white light mean in 1842?文章源自略懂百科-

A. The drivers must stop.文章源自略懂百科-

B. The drivers could go on.文章源自略懂百科-

C. It could attract the drivers’ attention.文章源自略懂百科-

D. It was dangerous.文章源自略懂百科-

43.What happened in 1876?文章源自略懂百科-

A. There were 31 people killed in an accident.文章源自略懂百科-

B. There were few people hurt in an accident.文章源自略懂百科-

C. A train knocked on another train.文章源自略懂百科-

D. City officials decided to try three colors of lights out on the roads.文章源自略懂百科-

44.The passage mainly tells us _______.文章源自略懂百科-

A. the development of railway signals文章源自略懂百科-

B. the signals used to control train traffic文章源自略懂百科-

C. how train accidents happened文章源自略懂百科-

D. the different colors of traffic lights文章源自略懂百科-

45.The best title for this passage is _______.文章源自略懂百科-

A. Colorful Traffic Lights文章源自略懂百科-

B. The Problems of Traffic Signals文章源自略懂百科-

C. Road Signals文章源自略懂百科-

D.Railway Signals文章源自略懂百科-

第二部分 主观题文章源自略懂百科-

一、书面表达(10 分)文章源自略懂百科-


现在越来越多的学生使用词典,有人选择使用传统词典,有人则喜欢使用电子词典。请你以Printed dictionary or E-dictionary, which do you prefer?为题,按照下列要点写一篇英语短文,可根据需要适当发挥:文章源自略懂百科-

1.传统词典:内容详、例句多… 缺点:携带不便…文章源自略懂百科-

2.电子词典:省时、方便… 缺点:例句少…文章源自略懂百科-



1.词数:100 左右 文章题目和开头已给出(不计入词数)。文章源自略懂百科-

2.参考词汇:电子词典 e-dictionary 传统词典 printed dictionary 条目 entry 释义 definition文章源自略懂百科-

Printed dictionary or E-dictionary, which do you prefer?文章源自略懂百科-

Nowadays more and more students use dictionaries as study aids. Some think that it is better to use________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________文章源自略懂百科-

二、简答题(10 分)文章源自略懂百科-

1.教学设计的原则有哪些?(4 分)文章源自略懂百科-

2.教师应怎样进行课堂提问?(6 分)文章源自略懂百科-

三、案例分析题(15 分)文章源自略懂百科-


【案例 1】(5 分)文章源自略懂百科-

在教学人教 PEP 三年级英语下册 Unit 3 At the zoo 课时,有一位教师在带领学生读完新单词和新句型后,让 学生拿出笔和本子写出与本堂课教学内容有关的小作文,学生面面相觑,不知该从何写起。文章源自略懂百科-

【案例 2】(5 分)文章源自略懂百科-

在一节三年级的英语公开课上,复习环节中授课教师出示图片问:What’s this?一位学生大声回答:It’s a math book.教师马上向她竖起大拇指让全班同学鼓掌并齐声说:Good, very good!然后对接下来回答问题的学生的评价 分别:excellent, wonderful 等评价语,使得学生备受鼓舞,课堂参与度很高。文章源自略懂百科-

【案例 3】(5 分)文章源自略懂百科-

在一堂四年级上册 Dinner’s ready 的 Let’s talk 课时,在操练环节是,一位老师把整个班级分好组,以组别形 式让大家经行话题操练,同学们有了合理的分工之后,有条不紊的开展了操练活动,不仅对教学内容有所练习, 还增进了同学之间的了解。文章源自略懂百科-


四、教学设计题(15 分)文章源自略懂百科-

请根据人民教育出版社《义务教育教科书英语(PEP)(三年级起点)》五年级下册 Unit 6 Work quietly. Part A Let’s learn 部分内容,按要求完成下列教学设计任务。文章源自略懂百科-


1.请根据教学内容确定本课时的教学目标(3 分)文章源自略懂百科-

2.请设计出 presentation 环节的教学步骤(7 分)文章源自略懂百科-

3.请设计语言巩固操练环节的教学活动(5 分)文章源自略懂百科-



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腌制蒜薹放盐是错误的,教你正确做法,用它来腌蒜薹,美味又营养。现在是蒜苔大量上市的季节,蒜苔的价格也降了很多,我们这里的新蒜苔价格已经降到3.5元一斤了。 蒜苔相比于大蒜,味道不那么辛辣,而且有些脆甜...


1 认识蠼螋 近期,多个地区频繁出现一种叫蠼螋的虫子,这种虫子到底是何方神圣?对人体有什么危害吗? 据了解,蠼螋是一种昆虫纲革翅目的杂食性昆虫,别称夹板子、夹板虫、或剪刀虫、耳夹子虫,盛产于热带和亚热...


去泰国旅行准备500元,能游玩几天? 泰国美女表示,只要给钱就能把游客安排得明明白白的。(此处已添加小程序,请到今日头条客户端查看)众所周知,泰国是东南亚热门的旅游国家,拥有丰富的旅游资源,而且泰国的...